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Deus Ex is the global movement tackling long term problems to ensure Humanity’s survival and prosparity

Be part of forming a new global ideology

The Deus Ex organisaiton is a collaboration of exceptional individuals, who have taken up the epic task to safeguard the long term prosperity of humanity and the planet. It is not a organization in the 20th century sense, but a decentralized network governed by key goals set by the organisation and solved decentrally but coordinated globaly to effectively reach the targets.

Safeguard humanty's future & Become a Deus Ex Machina

People tend to overestimate what can be done in the short run, and underestimate what can be done in the long run - and the Deus Ex organisation objective is to ensure that sufficient focus is put on the long run topics not yet sufficienty adressed

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Founding the Deus Ex

Establish organisation and gain foothold in key networks

Raising the humanitys view beyond the Horizon

Initiation of 3 core topics on global agenda

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