Joining the org

Ready to lead the global development

To safeguard the integrity and effectiveness of the organisation, membership is limited to three pathways:

  1. Apply for membership on current merits and ambition
  2. Start up a local Deus Ex initiative with toolkit
  3. Invitation from  established member - internal review

Do you allready have vision and merits

 Join the organisation by stating political ambitions, planned activities, other ideas and completed Deus Ex initiatives

Start up local DEUS ex initiative

Dont wait for full membership in main organisation - Take charge with your own initiative by using the Deus Ex toolkit, and apply for full membership at later stage

Idea driven organisation - not limited by chaning technological nor organisational bounderies

Technology and Media

Members will get access to the Deus ex potral, used for. amultitude of tasks. However, in order for achieve the goals for the organisation members are adviced to use all technological and organisational resources that stands at their disposal. If wanting to use Facebook to organize, please do. If finding google docs a coventient model for coordinating agenda,  go ahead. Technology is bound to evolve, and by not putting down a firm paradigm which will be partly outdated once completed, we hope that the organisation can simply change over time to achieve high effectiveness by evolving by utilizing all new technology at their disposal.

Organisations are effective tools - and a wind multitude of thes should be utilised whenever possible to achieve Deus Ex goals

Organisaiton as fictional entities, that actually only excist in our minds. Its. a common set of ideas and rules that govern the organisation to acheive a common goals. Organisaitons are quite effective, and is probably one main reason that Homo Sapiens has been as sucessfull as we have been. Deus Ex members are therefor encouraged to utilise all those organisations and institutions that allready excists, to utilise the common goals. Be it political parties, Companies, REaserch institutions, Think thanks, MEdia, NGOs or other means. The Streangth of Deus Ex is that it's members are scattered across a wide multitude of organisations, which can be mobilised towards a common goal with short notice and dramatic results.

Rationale for limitation - why cannot enyone simply join

To safeguard the integrity and effectiveness of the organisation, an internal review process has been established to ensure that only individuals with aligned overarching agenda and with sufficient drive becomes memver and recieve basic voting rights. As members complete tasks, launch initiatives and steering the global development their voting rights increase and can have a greater say in the organisation.
Full membership can be recievd by applying on current merits, or by invitation by established member (also going through review based on merits / drive)
Criterias to join - you dont have to be influential, nor rich or powerful, the most important part is to have a clear view of how you wish to change the world, and what passion and actions you are ready to launch in order to achieve that change. You should be able to show some results of that drive already, with some completed actions or achievements, ortherwise if you feel you have it in you but has not yet started there is another path avlaible for you:

Launch a Deus Ex initiative. To not exclude people with the right drive, it is also possible to simply launch a Deus Ex initiative, by using the supplied toolkit

  1. Full memment of tasks