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The challange to be solved

World is changing in an extraordinary  pace, but the developments are lying beyond the control of any political organisation, company or state. These entities are also to busy focusing on the current, in order to sufficienty lay the foundations for the future. There is thus a lack of global leadership to tackle humanity's long term challanges, which needs to change

The world is changing beyond recognition, consumer markets and data streams have penetrated every aspects of our lives without us even making a active decision to do so. The political class is is doing everything it can to keep up, but it’s outdated governance methods means that they cannot keep pace with the changes that are going on around them. As soon as new regulation has passed, the world has changed so much that it’s already outdated. We find this with internet regulation, energy policy, law enforcement and many more. This development has made people wary, that they are loosing control and the anger is often directed towards globalization – which we have seen in recent examples of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. This is just a symptom though, and as the political class is loosing power over the system – more political turmoil is bound to follow. In reality large information corporations, such as Google actually have more power then most political leaders. The issue is though, that there is no single person at google or the board for that matter than wields this power. Its just the system itself who possesses it, just like the market which decides on prices for copper, wheat and steel – few people actually have the power to actually steer it. Oil being a notable exemption, with the OPEC cartel trying to control development – but even this is starting to slip out of their hands.


The biggest problem today is not any single problem, such as global warming, habitat loss or resource depletion – these are just the symptom of a much larger elephant in the room – namely that no-one is in charge. This might be seen as a good thing, with a single despot ruling earth arguably would be a rather inefficient solution. However, no-one taking responsibility of the long term global development is also a very dangerous setting, which have not been in centuries and before the fall of the empires.


Political parties based in the 20th century, is not anymore the most important players in the global future. They do not shape the way going forward as the main democratic force. Rather companies, consumer appetite and evermore – even internet trolls and those who try to influence the human debate.


There are arguably more decisions being made on the future of the planets by business leaders, marketing functions and consumers buying the products. Furthermore, many of the elected politicians are basing their views from lobby organizations – not in a negative sense, since many of these represents valid and ’good’ interests such as cancer treatment or renewable energy – but the issue is that no-one really is in charge of the highly fluent situations. That no-one is in charge might be a very good thing, since a single dictator would be rather damaging for human kind. But if everyone is blind and just follow market forces, then the society we will get may be the one that is best for the economy – but does not have to be the one that is best for society.


There is furthermore many elephants in the room, which perhaps are the most pivotal questions for our civilisation to solve that no-one dares to speak about. Either due to political correctness, or just that the issues are just to hard to grapple or to find a solution to.

The Deux Ex organization aim is to end this

Participation in organised political parties is also receding at a steady pace, the main response for the parties is that they need to communicate more clearly and general – more of the same for the masses. What they have usually missed is that people of today is not very keen to sign up to a certain ideology constraint. Rather, they usually have a. spectra of views and goals that hey wish to pursue, either through a company, NGO, political party, influencing through media, or something completely else.

New parties as being created, but the political structure is not really made for todays life. People need to do these things, when it suits them and not the other way around. Its like TV, back in the days people were content with watching a program at a certain time when it was being aired – such as 18.30-19.00. And thus needed to plan their schedule accordingly. Nowadays people watch their TV programs on demand, when then want to see them and what they wants to see – whenever it suits their schedule. Politics needs to work in the same manner, to be able to gather people.  If you wee youth today, and those who does what they actually wish to do usually have 4-5 main things they are pursuing. Be it, playing in a band, working at a conveneince store, running a small internet startup, writing a script or a book, organizing a local TED event etc.


Political parties usually do not transgress borders, even though they might have similar names or gather at conferences now and than. The problem is that today, most of our problems are outside the jurisdiction of any nation – and much of the ills that plague nations stems from the fact that nations are pitted against each other.

Beyond Beach and Cloudy Waves

A beach is a landform along the coast of an ocean or sea, or the edge of a lake or river. Beaches typically occur in areas along the coast where wave or current action deposits and reworks sediments.

The organisation

The Organisation

The Deus Ex organisaiton is a collaboration of exceptional individuals who have taken up the epic task to safeguard the long term prosperity of humanity and the planet – which is quite uneasy to write without sounding pretentious. It is not a organization in the 20th century sense, but a decentralized network governed by some key goals set by the organisation and solved decentrally

Members are encouraged to use every possible already established organisationan structure as a mean to live up to our goals. No specific technology is mandated, and will change over time. Corporate leaders can use their organisations, political parties NGOs etc can be utulzed.

The idea is that all members become Deus EX Machina, it the classical sense. The unlikely character that brings about positive change to a challenging situations.

Learn more about the organisation at DeusEx.org

Workings of organisation is only available to members to safeguard integrity and effectiveness of organisation

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