The custodians has arrived

Deus Ex - The pivotal force of the 21st century

Core purpose – Take the lead

To safeguard the long term prosperity of humanity, the planet and beyond – by taking actions on key issues, initiate debate and rally global support for long term challenges.

To become custodians of humanity, being the Deus Ex agents that solves the seemingly unsolvable issues and ensures that long term challenges are being tackled. 

Why Deus Ex – Noone in charge

Artificial intelligence, climate change, new technology and ungoverned globalisation are challanging the very fabric our civilisation.

Current governance structures created in previous centuries are inept to deal with the long term issues facing our global society today – with governments, corporations and individuals being at the mercy of a global economy and technology development which no entity is currently able to steer.

There is an urgent need for a new organizational form to take charge of this development

How – the solution

By establishing a decentralized node-network of exceptional individuals dedicated to the long term prosperity of our common civilization, coordinated actions are taken by individuals from various organizational entities towards common goals.

Key goals set by the organisation and solved decentrally, with anonymous information sharing to enable effective collaboration across fictive entities

The rationale for Deus Ex

Increased attention must be spend on long term challanges with pivotal impact on our civilization

Too much effort is currently being spend on short term challenges without significant long term bearing – with public and media debate revolving around issues of doubtful long term significance, while long term trends with huge impact is being overlooked. This urgently needs to be changed for the sake of current and future citizens

The solution

Networks, coordination and information sharing 

The main currency of the 21st century will be information, and pivotal knowledge access. Whereas previous societies had to manage with the lack of information and access to it, we currently have the issue with the abundance and constant bombardment from it.

The future power of civilisation will lie with those who can sift through the abundance with information for the right pieces without being distracted – while being able to dispense the information at the right time though high capaicty knowledge channels.


Neither Geographical classification nor classical organisational entities are empowered to solve many of the issues facing humanity today.  Evolving and dynamic networks are a superior form of cooperation, with higher levels of efficiency and resiliance – and will be the defining organisational form this century.


Coordinated actions across industries and political frames will be able to cut through the information abundance to channel the right information towards limited attention budgets – this will enable the pivotal steering of our  global consciousness. 

Information sharing

Currently much information is trapped within fictional entities such as corporations or nations, without being able to reach the right people due to inept organisational dogmas.

By sharing information across fictive organisations, the right information can reach its destination where most needed and having the most impact

Deus Ex Organisation

The Deus Ex organisation will ensure that empowered and talented individuals gains access to the right information in time and coordinate with others for common goals. This bounderless organisational tweak, has the possibility to put a major dent in our global society and might  leave an enduring impact on our civilization this century

Current Deus Ex Initiatives

Need to create a long term plan for the Humanity & the planet

Information Diet collapse

Much human attention is currently focused on physical diets to ensure good bodily health. However, our information diet is almost completely overlooked even thought this arguably has a much larger impact on our wellbeing, minds and who we become as persons. Poor information diets is a core cause of many global problems, and must be tackeled urgently. 

Demographic inversion & proiritisation debate

Humanity is currently about to face the first ever demographic inversion, where there will be less young people to cater for the needs of the old. Increased usage of genetic drugs might furthermore increase lifespan to even futher hights. 
This sizemic shift will force a discussion about priorities, and evoke difficult questions about the value of life itself.

Economic growth limits (quality)

Economic growth has enabeled the current standards of living in developed nations through ever higher levels of productivity. However, recently real improving economic growth have stagnated and given way to vacuous growth that does not increase living standards or life quality for people in the economy due to the externalities looping growths into itself. This is straining societies to its limits with substantial mental suffering and eroding of key natural resources, and needs to be tackeled through refocus on real economic value. 

Biospere and recourse overutiliation

Key actions has been taken on environmental degredations, but far from enough to stabilize the planets biospere nor ensure long term prosparity of the planet. Global warming is a key challange, but only one of many similar challanges related to overutiliation of resources that are being depleated in a rapid pace. In order to ensure long term prosparity, a hollistic view must be taken on resourse utilisation and recycling – with effective policies and actions being of outmost importance to enable technological progress on the matter.

The end of human evolution & onset of genetic ara

Evolution have formed all life that we know today, but currently the main evolutionary controllers; fertility and mortality, are being put out order with ever more advanced medicines and improving human health. This has arguably been for the short term good, but the long term impact of all genetic variations prolifirating has yet to be determined – with chronic diseases becomeing ever more prevelant and the quality of humans possibly degrading over time. This debate is difficult, as previous failed and horrible attempts to manage evolulution quickly comes to mind, but with the onset of the genetic era, its a topic that needs to be grappeled.

Improve or revamp global governance structures

Current organisational structures, such as governments, corporations or NGOs are inept to deal with the current challanges of a global networked society. Furhtermore, the organisations fails to harness the full potential and engagement of the people working within them, with policies actively suboptimizing human potential into narrow workstreams. New structures needs to be built which are more fit for purpose in this modern era, who can both grapple with the interconnectiveness and complexity of the global economy as well as harness individuals potetial within a more productive framework.

Latest News – Press releases

Any official statements from the main Deus Ex organisation will solely be communicated through the following news releases. Any statement supposedly from the organisation not communicated in the below archive are unvalidated, and should thus not to be trusted.

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