The custodians has arrived

Deus Ex - The pivotal force of the 21st century

Core purpose

To safeguard the long term prosperity of humanity, the planet and beyond – by taking actions on key problems need of solving, initiate current debate and rally global support for long term societal challanges today. Create a long term plan for the planet!

Why Deus Ex

Current governance structuers are inept to deal with the long term issues facing the global society. Governments, corporations nor individuals are finding themself at the mercy of a global economy and technology development that noone is able to steer

How – the solution

By establishing a node-network of exceptional individuals dedicated to the long term prosparity of our society, coordinated actions can be taken from a variety of organisational entities of multiple… identities

decentralized network governed by some key goals set by the organisation and solved decentrally

The rationale for Deus Ex

More attention must be spend long term challanges with pivotal impact on our civilization

Far too much time is spend on short term challanges without much long term bearing, with public debate and much  media revoolving around issues of doubtful long term significance – while long term trends with huge impact is being overlooked . This quickly needs to change!

The solution

Networks, coordination and information sharing 

The new currency of the 21st century will be information, and povitla knowledge access. Previous societies had … with lack of information, we currently have the issue with the abundance of it. The future power of our civilisation will lie with those who can both access and share the right information in time, while sifting through the abundance with information for the right pieces


Neither Geographical classification nor classical organisational entities are empowered to solve many of todays issues facing humanity.  Evolving and dynamic networks are the superior form of cooperation, with higher levels of efficiency and resiliance


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Information sharing

Currently too much information is trapped within fictional entities, without being able to reach the right people due to human created “dogmas”

Deus Ex Organisation

The organisation will ensure that a set of, empowered and talented individuals will gain access to the right information in time and coordinate with others for common goals

Current Initiatives

Need to create a long term plan for the Humanity & the planet

Information Diet collapse

Much human attention is currently focused on physical diets to ensure good bodily health. However, our information diet is more or less completely overllok even thought this arguably has a much larger effect on our wellbeing, minds and who we become as persons. Poor information diets is a core cause of many global problems, and must be tackeled immidietly 

Demographic inversion & evolutionary impediments

Humanity is currently in the onset of phasing a first ever demographic inversion, (old people, need to prioritise)

Economic growth limits (quality)

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Biospere and recourse overutiliation

Key actions has been taken on environmental degredations, but far from enough to stabilize the planets biospere nor ensure long term prosparity

New debate on prioritisation

Current piublic debate evolves around what can be done, not on what we can afford to do in relation to other priorities. As possibilities to concentrate recourses into thin silvers increases, prioritisation will become a must in everything from  welfare and education, to pensions and healthcare

How to get involved?

As there is currently no feasible and implimentable plan for humanity and our global society, Deus Ex has initiated a few key initiatives to bring forward sensible change to our current debate 

Latest News – Press releases

Any official statements and or press releases from the entire organisation will solely be communicated through the following news releases. Any statement supposedly from the organisation not communicated in the below cannot be validated, and should not be trusted

First communique

Deus Ex Organisation has now been established. Key agrenda

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Organisation to surface

From being an invisible force of long term good, the organisation has now surfaced with a central portal for all members. Reason is better communication and coordination between initiatives and[…]

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Web functionality enabled

Login for exciting members and open application for new potentials now enabled. Communiques and first local articles in multitude of regions expected within weeks. As we need to grow our[…]

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