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Our vision is to become the pivotal force to usher change in the 21st century to ensure the well-being and longevity of the civilization


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There is no limit of what you can do if you don't care who gets the credit


Questions by topic (FAQ)

Artificial intelligence, climate change, new technology and ungoverned globalisation are challanging the very fabric our civilisation.

Current governance structures created in previous centuries are inept to deal with the long term issues facing our global society today – with governments, corporations and individuals being at the mercy of a global economy and technology development which no entity is currently able to steer.

There is an urgent need for a new organizational form to take charge of this development

People from different organisations collaborate through the Deus Ex org network, to share information and coordinate actions. Due to this, individual collaboration is enabled across fictional entities. 

Specific organizational structure and workings are available to members only

Nope, not yet!

You are welcome to either  contact us, or join the community through the regular registrations process. You can also reach out to official members who might be able to award some more information, or form an own Deus Ex Initiative where yourself takes charge of the developments

No. The organisation will be strict to admit members through a careful vetting and invite system, to ensure effective collaboration.

You can apply for membership through our application process, ot by invitation by an established member. We will here vet your credentials, and decided if its the right time for you to join the organisation. To increase your chances of admission, you can form your own Deus Ex initiative, and showcase the results in the application process.

Joining Deus Ex is free of monetary charge, but will cost the only relevant currency of the 21st century – information and effort

The organisation is steered by democratic effortism, which is deemed more fit to purpose than unlimited regular democracy, with the number of votes eligible to members is determined by the efforts they put into the organisation. Those with a will to conduct change, will thus also be the ones determining what that change will be.

“What’s given has no value”