Deus Initiative

The Custodians has arrived

Establish a plan

What is it that you believe is the right course of action for humanity, and how can you take action to move the world in this direction. Establish goal and what needs to be done

Gather network

The only thing worse than fighting with allies, is to fight without them. You need to find parters and a network across organisations who can help you reach your agenda goals


Shipping beats perfection! Cannon stop with just a plan, need to reach the full road and action. Make adjustments along and follow the path you know its right

How to start up your own deus ex initiative - without Becoming a member

There is no need to wait becoming a member, you can start up your own Deus Ex initiative today, which will also increase your chances of becoming a full member in the future

The key aspects and guidelines will be provided below, ut the rest is completely up to you. If you’re unsure just please reach out to us for more information. Wish you the best!

How to start up

Find an actionable topic

What is a major overlooked problem that will have large consequences over the long haul that is currently not being adressed. Break this overall problem down into actionable pieces that can be won in a sequence. Remember that all things around you; structures, stuff, behaviors and organisation have just been imagined up by people. If wanting, the world can be different and the future is for us to decide. Find your action that you're truly passionate about, and where you wish to become the Deus Ex Machina to change the situation.

Map witch stakeholders you need to involve

All problems created by people, can also be solved by people. There will be certain stakeholders who are in charge of how the things are, and others who can be the key to change the status quo. Map these, understand their motives, and what can be done to pivot their agenda.

Create network

You will usually not alone be able to achieve your goals. Reach out to potential allies, incorporate their ideas, and and make sure that they have a stake in the win. For more easy recruitment, use the hashtag #DeusExOrg

Gather data

Many well intended action plans have very little impact, due to their poor understanding of the chain of events, so ensure that you don't just go about randomly and take action. Gather data om the issue, and understand what datapoint needs to change and how much in order to reach the goals

Build action plan

Establish the final plan, by using the stakeholder mapping, the gathered data and your newfound allies to ensure most effective impact. Plan the action timely, and make sure that all members act in synchronization in oder to get through the attention threshold. Five people performing an action in one city, make little impact. 5 people demonstrating the same action action in 5 cities, in addition to a social media campaign, and political statement can make the world move.

Take action!

Inspire the network to take action, and keep on taking new action until the goal is completed. Resilience and adaptation is the key. Deprioritize things that don't work, and take further effort where you gain traction. Iterate but also stay true to the initial plan and always pay attention to the overall objective. When winning, find a new battle until the world is a perfect long term sustainable place!